1.1 Photo tours

Wild Exposure offers exciting photo tours and a website (www.wildexposure.ca) suggesting itineraries and giving you budget ideas.

1.2 Registration

Registration is only considered final when Wild Exposure has received a deposit (non-refundable) equal to 30% of the total price of the trip more than 60 days prior to the departure date. When registration is made less than 60 days prior to the departure date, Wild Exposure requires receipt of an amount representing the full price of the tour package.

1.3 – Method of payment

You can pay for your trip (deposit, balance of the price or full price) via bank transfer to the Wild Exposure account in Canada or by credit card through the website (www.wildexposure.ca). Upon receipt of the deposit or the full price of your trip, Wild Exposure will send you, as soon as possible and within 8 days at the latest, an invoice confirming your registration for the tour. The balance of the price of your trip must be settled, without further notice from us, no later than 60 days prior to the departure date. Any delay in payment of the balance can be considered a cancellation, for which the cancellation fees provided for in Article 2 below apply.


If a participant has to cancel the trip, he or she must inform Wild Exposure as soon as the cancellation becomes necessary: the date the email is sent will be considered the cancellation date for the tour and billing the cancellation fees.

2.1 Land portion cancellation fee schedule:

In the event of cancellation 60 days or more prior to departure, the amounts paid are reimbursed to the traveller, except for the deposit which Wild Exposure retains.

In the event of fewer than 60 days prior to departure, the cancellation entails penalties equal to 50% of the price of the trip.

In the event of cancellation in fewer than 30 days before the departure date, the cancellation leads to penalties equal to 100% of the price of the trip.

Accordingly, Wild Exposure recommends participants take out cancellation insurance that would, for a reason recognized as valid (including: illness, accident, death, etc.), refund deductions to the traveler.

2.2 Special cases

In the event of cancellation, for whatever reason, incidental travel expenses incurred by participants, such as visa costs, travel documents, vaccination costs, cannot be subject to reimbursement from Wild Exposure.

2.3 Premature return

Regardless of the circumstances of a premature return (illness, personal decision. etc.), the uncompleted portion of the trip is not refundable.

2.4 Cancellation by Wild Exposure

If Wild Exposure is obliged to cancel a trip, tour participants will be refunded the sums paid to Wild Exposure in full, but will not be entitled to any other compensation.

Nor are travelers entitled to any refund or compensation if the cancellation is due to circumstances of force majeure climatic conditions or natural events (cyclone, storm, hurricane, volcanic eruption, earthquake, tornado, landslide or any other unforeseeable or unavoidable disaster or accident).

Some fixed departure group tours require a minimum number of participants to make the trip. An insufficient number of travelers can therefore be grounds for cancellation. When appropriate, Wild Exposure reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to revise its prices upwards or to cancel the tour. In both cases, the decision is communicated to travelers at least 15 days before departure. Travelers are not entitled to any compensation.

As a result of the foregoing, Wild Exposure recommends that travelers take out travel insurance (including cancellation insurance).


3.1 Nature of the expeditions

Given the adventurous nature of some tours organized by Wild Exposure, participants acknowledge and accept that they may run certain risks, largely due to the remoteness of medical centres. They assume them with full knowledge of the facts and agree not to hold Wild Exposure, its guides or other service providers liable for any accident that may occur. This also binds travellers’ successors and family members. If circumstances so require, in particular to ensure the safety of the group as a whole, but also for climatic reasons or unforeseen events, Wild Exposure reserves the right, directly or through its local service providers, to substitute a means of transportation, accommodation or itinerary for another, as well as travel dates and times, without travellers being entitled to compensation. Due to the adventuresome nature of Wild Exposure journeys, travellers agree to comply with the advice and guidelines of Wild Exposure, its representatives or service providers, who cannot be held responsible for any incident, accident or personal injury that may result from the personal initiative of a tour participant.

3.2 Special conditions and program modification for journeys to remote areas

Travelers acknowledge that, during the expedition, the local service providers and their guides have unfettered discretion to carry out or modify the planned program. In all adventure tours, a different or similar itinerary may be proposed in the event of adverse weather conditions (weather forecast, forest fire, etc.) or if a participant’s physical fitness requires it. Travelers are strongly advised to book their return flight 24 to 48 hours after the end of the itinerary so as to have the flexibility required should an unexpected problem arise.


When the registration is signed, the price is firm, final and expressed in Canadian dollars, including the Yukon sales tax of 5%. However, in accordance with the law, we may be required to change our prices to take the following into account:

  • Variations in transportation costs, linked notably to the cost of fuel.
  • Should the exchange rate fluctuate by more than 5%, the price of the trip may be adjusted accordingly. This currency fluctuation is evaluated solely on services we are billed in foreign currencies. In the event of a change in price for the cases mentioned above, Wild Exposure undertakes to inform the traveler no later than 30 days prior to the date of departure.


5.1 Formalities (passport, authorization, visas, vaccinations, etc.)

Travellers must have a valid passport for the duration of the trip, and for any other period of time required by local authorities. Before their departure, they must ensure that they have in their possession all the necessary documents, including visas, to be able to legally enter the country or countries visited.

Each participant is required, at all times during the journey, to uphold and comply with local regulations and procedures, whether law enforcement or customs (including those related to the export of objects, such as carpets, antiques, souvenirs, etc.), or relating to health or immigration. Under no circumstances, can Wild Exposure assume the individual responsibility of every traveler who is solely responsible for doing the paperwork to obtain the documents required prior to departure (passport, visa, bill of health, etc.) and for the entire duration of the trip. Travelers are solely responsible for delays caused or costs incurred because they failed to comply with the formalities and/or present the appropriate documents required. We put particular emphasis on foreign travelers (whose nationality is not Canadian) for whom the administrative formalities may differ from those that apply to Canadians.

Please note that all the information on our website is provided for information purposes only and does not engage our responsibility.

5.2 Air transport

Domestic and international flights to the starting point of the photo tour are not included in our package prices and are the sole responsibility of participants.

5.3 Health

Travelers must ensure that their health is good enough to complete the entire trip, that they bring any necessary medications with them and carry medical insurance that includes emergency repatriation coverage. Wild Exposure is not liable for any damage suffered by a traveler as a result of illness, injury or death, whether caused by a tropical disease, poisoning or an accident.

5.4 Conduct

Should a participant behave in a manner prejudicial to the other travelers and continue to behave in the same manner despite a formal warning from one of the guides, Wild Exposure reserves the right to exclude this traveller from the group, and he or she must assume all the expenses incurred as a result of this exclusion, including accommodation, food, transportation and repatriation.

5.5 Suppliers, service providers, intermediaries, carriers and hoteliers

For its travel logistics, Wild Exposure uses numerous suppliers, service providers and intermediaries. Acting as an intermediary between travellers on the one hand, and service providers on the other hand (carriers, hoteliers, charterers, etc.), Wild Exposure cannot be held liable for any act, omission, negligence or error of the latter who, in any case, retain their own responsibility.

It is understood that, given the type and nature of Wild Exposure’s “out-of-the-box” travel, the standards of the various services offered by its suppliers and intermediaries, be it with respect to accommodation, food, ground or other transportation are often inferior to those usually available in North America.

Nor is Wild Exposure liable for services provided on any means of transportation or type of accommodation used during the trip, for any act, omission, error or mishap or for any loss, damage, accident or delay during travel on any means of transport or due to its malfunction or with respect to accommodation.

Wild Exposure is not responsible for any loss, theft or damage to luggage or personal property during a trip and recommends that travelers take out insurance to that effect.

5.6 Other

Wild Exposure is not responsible for any damage suffered by travelers as a result of government action, political and/or religious unrest, acts of terrorism, earthquakes or floods. The itineraries, campgrounds or lodging, where transportation modes are subject to modification or substitution, such a decision being final and without recourse.

5.7 Force majeure

It is agreed that Wild Exposure cannot be held liable in the event of force majeure, i.e. any insurmountable, unavoidable or unforeseen event preventing Wild Exposure from honoring its commitments.


Tour participants must confirm every flight (departure and return) with Wild Exposure so that a guide can greet them at the airport and drive them to their “home away from home” accommodation.

7. THE SPIRIT OF TRAVEL of Wild Exposure

7.1 Health and equipment

Wild Exposure photo tours are available to anyone in good health, and, as a rule, do not require travellers to be exceptionally fit or have special technical skills. However, they must be prepared (and willing) make the physical effort needed for their chosen travel program.

Tour participants with an allergy, illness or taking a medical prescription are obliged to notify Wild Exposure at least 15 days before departure. Wild Exposure reserves the right to cancel a departure when travelers fail to inform Wild Exposure of their health condition since it could affect the smooth running of the tour. Should Wild Exposure deem that the traveler’s health condition is too poor to make the trip, it may at any time cancel the departure or suggest other travel options, and do so without further compensation.

7.2 Consumer advisories

Some events are part of normal inconveniences that can disrupt an exotic journey. Travelers recognize and accept such occurrences and assume the consequences. They realize that Wild Exposure cannot be held liable. Examples:

  • Standards of living: outside of a traveler’s country of origin, lifestyles and living standards as well as the conditions and levels of service offered may differ from those to which he or she may be accustomed.
  • Interruption of some services: water, electricity, air conditioning and safety services, sanitary conditions, restaurants, hot water and other services or services of a similar nature, may be suspended or interrupted during part of the stay.
  • Food, water and beverages: the quality of the food, water and drinks and beverages may vary. Consumers accept full responsibility for any illness that could inconvenience them during their trip or upon their return.
  • Holidays, religious celebrations, school holidays and conventions: a Wild Exposure stay may be disrupted by holidays, school breaks, festivals or conventions when services are cancelled, interrupted or not available. Such events vary by country and local customs. It is virtually impossible for Wild Exposure to specify the dates. Travelers realize this and take it in stride.
  • Allocation of rooms: Only the hoteliers have control of room assignment based on the category reserved.

If consumers wish, upon arrival, they may change their room category at their own expense, depending on room availability and the hotelier’s conditions. The hotelier may be approached when travelers have special requests regarding their room’s equipment and location but there are no guarantees that these requests will be granted.


It is strongly recommended that tour participants take out travel insurance at the time of registration and/or booking. Various types of insurance are available: civil liability, cancellation, medical and hospital coverage, luggage, etc. Cancellation insurance must cover the amount of “taxes and services charges” to ensure that they will be reimbursed by the insurer in the event of cancellation, according to their rates and conditions. Wild Exposure does not act as a travel risk insurer.


Registrations involving minors must be signed by the father, mother or legal guardian and bear the words “Agreement of the father, mother or guardian”. Minors not travelling with their parents or guardians must have in their possession, in addition to the identity documents required for travel, a valid exit permit. Lastly, a telephone number and permanent address allowing the minor or caregiver to establish direct contact with the father, mother or legal guardian must be provided. For minors travelling with one of their parents, guardians or other adults, it is important that the latter have the necessary documents for the minor they are accompanying (national identity card or passport, exit permit to leave the country and, where appropriate, authorization with respect to paragraph 3.2 “Special conditions and program modification for journeys to remote areas” from the remaining parent or parents).


Wild Exposure advises you to consult the Foreign Affairs Canada (FAC) country profile related to your trip (country of destination and crossed) on the website www.voyages.gc.ca, section “Travel Advice and Advisories”. Wild Exposure draws your attention to the fact that the information may change up until the date of your departure and advises you to consult them regularly.