If you already have a dream in mind, Wild Exposure challenges itself to make it happen.

Sometimes you want a trip all to yourself: with your own family or friends. Our custom nature photo tours can be privately guided by one of our professional or self-guided with a travel itinerary that we set up together before your arrival. Each tour is prepared to offer you a unique experience and focus on wildlife, flora and landscapes of the Yukon and beyond (Alaska, British Columbia, Northwest Territories). We prepare these custom tours with you according to your interests, your dates and your travel companions.

Yukon is a vast wilderness territory of pristine land. This makes it an essential destination for wildlife viewing and nature photography. With points of interest relatively distant from each other, changing climatic conditions, and unpredictable wildlife, we put at your disposal our local experience and skills to help you achieve your quest of the wild.

Our private and custom tours are aimed at photographers (of all levels) as well as nature viewers/lovers. Depending on your interests and your budget, we can manage all the logistics including transport (excluding international flights), accommodation and meals.

Begin your adventure with an unforgettable journey with grizzly bears in northern British Columbia or a private flightseeing tour over Kluane National Park, a paradise on earth with the largest ice field outside the polar circles and home to 17 of Canada’s 20 tallest peaks! Or let us help you plan a unique itinerary with breathtaking landscapes and varied wildlife. Choose from the almost endless variety of vast landscapes, wildlife and activities that the Yukon and surrounding areas have to offer in any season of the year:

  • the different parks: Kluane National Parc, Tombstone Territorial Park, Tatshenshini-Alsek Provincial Park, etc…
  • wildlife: black bear, grizzly bear, lynx, wolf, beaver, moose, Dall sheep, mountain goat, caribou, bald eagle, etc…
  • wild flora
  • northern lights
  • aerial photography from a small plane or helicopter
  • the diversity of breathtaking landscapes offered by the Yukon, Northern British-Columbia and Alaska
  • the First Nations culture
  • etc…