About Us

Who We Are

Wild Exposure is a family travel agency specialized in nature photo tours in Yukon, Canada, founded by Nicolas and Emilie Dory. Both photographers of French origin, they are passionate about photography, wildlife and nature conservancy. After exploring western Canada and Alaska for a decade, a natural desire to share the wealth of these wild spaces prompted them to create a photo travel agency focused primarily on the Yukon Territory, which is still little known to European travellers. Nicolas and Emilie decided to make up for this by offering services that would specifically meet the expectations of photographers eager to experience new wilderness adventures. They combined their passion with their beautiful energy to offer adventure-seekers unforgettable photographic holidays.

Wild Exposure will help photographers at all levels hone their skills, while exploring the most spectacular wild areas of the planet! Wild Exposure photography stays offer unique sightseeing opportunities as well as tailor-made support and guidance from professional photographers who are experts on these regions of the Far North.

Our ethics in wildlife photography

Photographing wildlife is a great privilege in ecosystems that are among the richest and wildest in the world. We consider that, for a large part, that privilege consists in the responsibility to behave respectfully and ethically. Ethics in wildlife photography can be a relatively complex issue subject to endless discussions. We do not think people are necessarily ill-intentioned when disturbing the fauna but sometimes simply not thinking.

Our experienced guides will be able to help you decipher and analyse animal behaviour. They will also detect whether our presence in their area is dangerous for them… or for you!

At Wild Exposure, we feel that the well-being of the subject, its habitat and environment outweighs any picture taken of them. Especially since we will have the opportunity to take many others!

Our travel ethics

At Wild Exposure, we are aware that our natural heritage is unique and irreplaceable. We therefore pay special attention to environmental protection. The challenge not only consists in protecting the environment but also in preserving it for future generations.

Our policy includes:

  • Keeping waste to a minimum. All we leave behind are our footprints!
  • Using washable dishes and biodegradable detergent safe for the environment.
  • Keeping our use of plastic to a bare minimum. We encourage travellers to bring their own reusable bottles (water bottles, thermoses, etc.). If need be, we can also provide a reusable bottle at the beginning of the stay. And we only use reusable bags.
  • Whenever possible, buying fresh, local and organic foods for our picnics in the great outdoors.
  • Working with local partners.
  • Observing the animals without hindering their natural behaviour or disturbing them and respecting applicable regulations on reserves and in natural parks.
  • Respecting fragile ecosystems (for example, depending on the location : not wandering or driving off-trail and avoiding trampling).
  • Being aware that we are in First Nations territory: Southern Tutchone, Northern Tutchone, Hän, Gwich’in, Upper Tanana, Tlingit, Tagish and Kaska.